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If you have questions about residential real estate in CNY, we have answers

BELL Home Team’s agents singly and collectively handle a high volume of transactions spanning every situation. We bring enormous experience and use an in-house system to make sure no detail falls through the cracks. Because of our experience and skill, Bell Home Team’s service exceeds anything a simple realtor licensing course can teach.

Learn more about why our process makes buying or selling a home as stress-free and easy as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been licensed?

Our team includes agents of every experience level!

What separates any BELL Home Team agent from an agent elsewhere is our detailed and extensive training and the team’s collective experience. Our decades of working with residential real estate and the local markets means we can quickly mentor and guide new team members.

How many clients do you represent at a time?

Our agents handle a number of clients at any given time. We know that agents who spread themselves too thin often can’t meet all your needs. That’s why we don’t over-book agents with too much work, and we all share in helping our clients’ goals and dreams come to fruition.

How often do you check in outside of potential offers?

BELL Home Team’s agents check in regularly, with more than just updates on showings and offers. We’re there for whatever you need, offering support and recommendations to make the home real estate experience as stress-free as possible.

What is Bell Home Team’s process?

BELL Home Team has created a process that covers over 200 points for buying or selling a home. While much of this process is automated, just to ensure no detail is missed, it’s also our way to make sure you are well informed and educated about what is happening at any given moment. We believe that you’ll get more from the transaction if you understand the process and are able to make informed decisions at every step.

What is your marketing plan for properties like mine?

BELL Home Team selects the right platforms and audiences to market each home. We will also share new listings with our network of buyers as soon as the listing is launched, giving you the opportunity to perhaps find a buyer at the same time the sign is being put in the yard!

How do you handle listing preparation and staging?

Preparing and staging your home for listing photos is one of the most important things we’ll do. It’s never an afterthought! BELL Home Team has experience understanding how and when to use a professional photographer and how to stage photos to maximize space to its fullest potential.

What if there are concerns about my property?

Your house may be your home, but it might still need some love. We always try to be honest about the condition and desirability of your house. Most importantly, we have the experience to know what changes to make to a property to get the best outcome for your expenses.

What factors do you consider in a listing price?

We believe that you can save a lot of anxiety by choosing an accurate listing price, not an idealized one. Our experienced agents can help you set the right price by drawing upon our extensive data for sold homes and our knowledge of where the local markets are headed.

Can I speak to any of your past clients?

We have a large number of testimonials and satisfied clients we can connect you with.

Still have questions?

Reach out and let's get you some answers!