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Baldwinsville, NY is in Onondaga County and is located 12 miles NW of Syracuse. It is a cozy, quiet village of less than 10,000 residents.

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Baldwinsville is named after Dr. Jonas Baldwin, one of the earliest travelers to the area. By 1809, he had contributed to the local infrastructure, building a dam across the Seneca River to generate energy and a private canal to keep the integrity of the water highway.

Nowadays, Baldwinsville is an attractive riverside community. Growing from its agricultural roots, there are several museums in and near the village, including the Erie Canal Museum, the Bridge House Museum, and the Everson Museum of Art. Lysander-Radisson Ice Arena provides indoor ice skating opportunities for people of all ages. Parks offering fishing, camping, picnicking, and playgrounds abound. The most popular parks in Baldwinsville include Volunteer Park, Community Park, McHarrie Park, Mercer Park, and Van Buren Central Park.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy the Seneca River, the local community’s heart. With many dams, bridges, and outdoor facilities, Baldwinsville is home to boat clubs, water festivals, and outdoor recreation for much of the year.

Average Home Price

$ 245,000
School District

Baldwinsville Central School District

Median Home Size

1,742.55 Sq Ft

*Via as of July 2022.
Time to Wegmans

12 mins / 5.2 mi.

Time to Downtown

20 mins / 13.9 mi.

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